A bride’s Guide In Choosing The Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Lifestyle
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Finding a perfect dress is the most important part of every bride’s dream wedding because every girl wants to become a princess on her big day.

Wedding dresses became a symbol of wedding cultures all around the world from famous queens to modern women of the century. It symbolizes purity, modesty and perfection. But mainly, wearing this wedding dress mean embracing a commitment to your partner and the end of your single life. It is the beginning of your new journey in marriage.

First and foremost, you need to consider some things before you buy a wedding dress:

  1. Budget – It is the first thing that you need to take into consideration. You and your partner will need to decide for a price range for the wedding dress.
  2. Location – Your wedding gown should go to the location. If you decided to have your wedding in a hotel, you can visualize what wedding dress you would want to have.
  3. Season – If your wedding date falls in winter, then you can have to have a wedding dress that will keep you warm and comfortable. You can match your gown with gloves.
  4. Personality – it is important to be in yourself on your wedding day. You may want to look something different or simple. If your partner wants something traditional and while you something edgy, then you can combine traditional but, edgy wedding theme.

Wedding dress shades

White is the most common color that is worn by some traditional brides. It means Pure, innocent and perfect.

Ivory is the preferred color for most modern brides although it is also a traditional shade. It simply means elegance.

Red and black are the other options for modern brides who want to become edgy, mysterious and sophisticated on their big day especially in themed weddings.

For some young brides, Pink is their choice for a wedding dress. It gives the bride a youthful glow, innocence and affection.

Blue dress may symbolize tranquility because of the calmness of the color. It also shows self-esteem and royalty.

Wedding dress shapes

The shape of the wedding dress will still depend on your body type. The wedding dress that you choose might not be fit on you. So it is important to know your body type before you choose a wedding dress. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident on your gown.


It means your bust is equal to your hip with a slimmer waist. For this figure, you can choose sheath type of wedding dress that will show the curves of your hips. But if you want more flattery, you can switch to mermaidA-line or ball gowns..


It means that your hips are wider than your bust. For this figure, you can choose an A-line dress or the high-waist empire gowns and flattering ball gowns

Rectangular-shape or athletic

A figure has minimal curves with broad shoulders and your bust is as the same size as your hips. For this, you may choose a sheath dress to soften your curves, mermaid dress to give an illusion of a full bottom.

Inverted pear-shape or inverted triangle figure

Broad shoulders with narrow hips and a slimmer waist. Like the athletic figure, a ball gown is perfect for this figure, which accentuates your bottom to look wider and balance your top broad shoulders. A-line is another option if you don’t feel like wearing ball gowns.

Full –figured

Round shape body from bust to hips. They have big breast, broad hips and wider waist line. Same as with pear-shape figure, a ball gown and empire are just right.

Wedding dress necklines

Necklines are styles that can define the shape of your upper body from the shoulders down below the collar bone.  They were named based on their shape. You need to choose the best neckline according to your body type as well. For example, if you have a pear- shaped figure, a scoop or U-shape neckline is best to accentuate your upper body.

Here is the list of necklines to match your body type:


It is neckline that will pattern the shape of your bust that will look like a heart. If you have a curvy figure and you want to highlight your bust, the heart shape is good for you.


It is a U-shape neckline which is actually low-cut design that is fashionable and not too revealing. It is the most common neckline in the market not just for wedding dresses.


From the name itself, it is the patterned as letter V from shoulders to your inner bust line. It perfectly works with a full figured woman that will give an illusion of a slimmer upper body. It is versatile because it works with any length of the gown and sleeves. It is also common in our everyday casual outfits.


It supports your upper body without any sleeves or strap connecting to your shoulders. This classic style can be combined with a heart shaped, straight or with minimal curve neckline. It reveals the full coverage of your neckline and firmed arms.

Off the shoulder

This neckline emphasizes your collar bone. Minimal amount of sleeve falls down to your arms, exposing the shoulders. It is not perfect for big bust figure, but will look great in pear shape figure with smaller arms and bust size.


If you want to expose your back, this is a good choice for you. Halter tops are with straps that are connecting around your neck area. If you have an athletic figure with broad shoulders, this will work for you.


It showcases your upper body covered either your left or right part of your shoulder.  It gives a dramatic effect on the dress especially if you’re wearing an empire gown. It also adds detail to your dress and balance it with a stunning earrings.

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