Surviving Herpes: A Holistic Approach in Living With The Disease

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Medical Articles
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If you’re diagnosed with Herpes, it can definitely be detrimental to your everyday life, and can lead to depression, as can any other serious condition. It’ll leave you feeling helpless, too ashamed to come to terms with it and cause you to become disconnected from loved ones. It’ll also lead you to become cautious towards others, and stress you out when you’re worrying about the chance of infecting them.
Millions of people worldwide are suffering from Herpes, and as of now, there is no known cure for it. We don’t know too much about it, and therefore, there are tons of myths and speculation that people take as fact, however, specialists are continuing to provide the clinical approach by providing these facts. It’s important to remember that the condition is indeed preventable.

Here are some of the common myths about Herpes:

  • Herpes can be only be transmitted by having sex.

o   The answer is False. It is not really meant that you have sex with other people infected by the virus that’s why you have it. Any skin to skin contact such as oral sex (specifically with cold sores) can also be a factor.

  • Using condoms cannot prevent from getting herpes.

o   The answer is False. Condoms can help reduce the risk of infecting or transmitting herpes. Condoms come in various sizes and material. And can also prevent other sexually transmitted related diseases.

  • People infected by the disease can no longer have sex

o   The answer is False. People can still enjoy sex even if they are positive with herpes. There are methods to reduce the transmission and you shouldn’t engage in sexual activity if there is an irritation, blisters and itching.

  • Herpes can become cancer

o   The answer is False. Cervical cancer is a different type of virus which is caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus.

  • You can’t have a baby once you have herpes

o   The answer is False. You can still bear and give birth. But in this case, your obstetrician or your healthcare provider may give you additional instructions to monitor any sores in your genital area specifically in your cervix and vagina. Caesarian section is the recommended procedure in delivering your baby to prevent any transmission of viruses which they called Neonatal Herpes Simplex

Here are facts about Herpes:

  • It is a viral disease caused by Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (HSV-1, HSV-2)
  • The cure hasn’t yet been developed.
  • It is a common virus infection, which affects millions of people around the globe.
  • It is usually asymptomatic, but there are some physical evidence of sores and blisters

Though, there isn’t any permanent cure for Herpes. You can be able to cope with it physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’re not alone in this journey. People like you can continue their lives normally, staying in shape, and having a happy relationship. In other words. It is manageable.

Herpes is not life threatening. You will know how to live with herpes without any worries. Be open minded, have awareness, live healthy and spread the word.

Here are some tips and advice on how to manage and live normally with the disease.

  1. Get a regular check-up with your gynecologist or medical specialist.

Aside from the laboratory test and procedures that your doctors do, it is important that you will be educated about your condition which includes symptoms, causes and how are they transmitted. You can spread out and tell your friends about how it affects your body.

  1. Take Vitamins and Mineral Supplement

You are taking your medications to treat your health problems. Why not taking vitamins and mineral supplements to boost your immune system, and thus prevent other diseases.

  1. Eat balanced diet

You need to eat right and maintain a well-balanced diet. Eating variety of food in the right amount or proportions can help you achieve and maintain your weight. You need to avoid too much salt, fats and sugar. It is recommended to eat food that is high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, protein-rich food like beans, fish and meat and drinking lots of water which is 8 glasses a day to hydrate your body.

  1. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle

Eliminate smoking cigarette and drinking too much alcohol. Doctors proved that this substance can trigger herpes virus.

  1. Stress Management

Did you know that stress can trigger herpes virus? Stress in itself may increase the chances of triggering herpes. There are some ways to cope with stress by doing things that you love. It can be music, yoga, cooking, gardening and the most important of all is to keep your positive attitude.

  1. Practice Safe Sex

To reduce the spread of the virus, you or your partner can use condoms. Avoid oral sex if there are blisters or sores. You can seek help with a medical professional.

  1. Participate in forums or community in herpes awareness

You’re not alone in this case. There are people who are sharing their experiences and giving motivation to maintain a positive outlook in life. You can find online community programs and live in-focus discussion about the disease. It feels good to have encouragement from others who will be there to support you emotionally.


  1. stigmaslayer says:

    Great points here! I’m a 35 year veteran of Herpes and I am on a support forum called the Herpes Opportunity … it’s the most positive, supportive forum I’ve ever been on … I can’t say enough about the community that we have there. In addition, the forum owner has developed Herpes Opportunity Weekends (where participants get empowered around Herpes and their relationship and beliefs about what it is and what it means to them .. we just completed one this weekend and it was amazing to be a part of that experience) as well as a Home Study course.

    I’m also a Herpes Advocate and Blogger and I have a blog that discusses Herpes and how we live with it in a “Positive” manner 😉

    Thank you for such a positive blog. Herpes really is just a nuisance skin condition in an inconvenient place … I appreciate anyone else who helps people to see that for themselves 🙂

  2. kattiekath says:

    Thanks for your insights. I’m glad that you shared your discussions about this matter. It is important that people will become aware of it. At the same time, it will help people how to live with the disease (like what you’ve said) in a positive manner. A lot of people lived normally even if they have the disease, so discussions like this will help other victims to understand the disease.

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