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It is 2014! Happy New Year to everyone. I believe you’re listing your new years resolution. Some of my friends say they will start dieting, not to be late at work, quit smoking, or look for a good job. I’ve been reading posts in different sites and number one trending topic is “hashtag” resolutions. Some are just reflecting what had happened during the past year. I know there are a lot of things that happened last 2013. I confessed it is not a good year for me though my career has been good to me. But I learned a lot of lessons.


This 2014, I don’t have any new years resolutions. Instead, I have listed some of my goals and dreams that I want to fulfill this year. For me it is more meaningful than listing resolutions. Goals can motivate you. It is a long term achievement. Resolutions are like temporary and sometimes if you are lazy and undetermined, you will not achieve it.

This year I want to focus on myself more. I’ve been so stressed at work lately so, I would like to have at least a day of relaxing, spending time alone and meditate. It will help me to focus on what I want in my life. Planning for the future. And also, this is the time to talk to God for guidance.

Second, since I want to plan for the future, I need to work hard and start earning. Aside from my current job, I’m working as a freelancer. I’m actually proud of my work since I love blogging and writing things. I’m not a professional blogger but at least I write what I can and share experiences with others.

Third, I want to start exploring the world. I’m planning to visit Vietnam hopefully late 2014. I think I need to know more about our world and appreciate the beauty of nature. Experience different cultures and meet more people.

At this moment, those things motivate me. And I will keep myself motivated to achieve what I want in life. I was blessed with so many things. And with those blessings I can be a blessing to others. I will meet new people as time goes by and I want to listen to their stories and experiences.

I want to share this song to you. Just remember that whatever happens in your life just “Keep Breathing“.