Vietnam Trip: the Party Bus

Posted: July 25, 2014 in Personal

At this moment, we’re riding a bus on our way to Hue, Vietnam. We called it “The Party Bus” because of the blue red lights on the windows. The cool thing about this bus is you can adjust your seats so you can lay down. You will feel comfortable because it comes with a blanket and a small pillow.

Before we left the hotel, we met two Dutch nationals named “Eddie” and “Marco”, and an Asian guy “Oliver” and “James” from Taiwan. They are backpackers who’ve been to different places in Asia particularly Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. And sharing their travelling experience.


Back to the party bus, though we’re excited to reach our destination. However, people got disappointed on how they’ve been treated, especially when they found out that it is not exclusive for them. I don’t know if I will feel embarrassed, maybe because we’re used to treat visitors as VIP. I’m saying this because I can feel their frustration, but they’ve been very understanding about it.

So far, it’s been good. It is still the best transportation by land that I’ve had because we don’t have this back home. The party bus is always a party bus. Anything can happen here.. Let’s see in the next 12 hours.


I apologize for any errors here.. I’m typing from my phone..


We arrived in No Bai Airport at exactly 1:35 AM (Vietnam Local Time), that is an hour behind Manila time which is 2:35 AM. In flight, we experienced 3 turbulences due to rain and thunderstorms above the South China Sea. It was a rough landing, but I’m glad it’s successful.

I have $160 for this trip so it is a challenge to get everything for 8 days. To give you a summary of how much we paid before boarding, the total fee is 2190 pesos ($50.65).

  • Travel tax: 1640 PHP ($37.94)
  • Terminal Fee: 550 PHP ($12.72)

Exchange rate as of July 24, 2014:

  • $1 = 43.22 PHP (Philippine peso)
  • $1 = 21,205 VND (Vietnamese dong)

No Bai airport at 2 AM (Vietnam Time)

When we arrived at the airport, all shops are closed, No service bus available to take us to the city. A cab driver offered us a ride to Hanoi for $5 each, but we refused. We decided to stay at the airport for 5 hours to wait for the next bus trip. However, we still ride a cab because another cab driver offered us $7 good for 3 persons.

It took us 45 to 50 mins to get into the hotel, and we need to walk for a few meters from the main road. We finally checked into Tony’s hostel at around 7:30 AM. We got 3 dorm beds for $5 each (106,382 VND). It looks comfortable with free breakfast, hot and cold shower, towels, air conditioning and a very reliable wifi connection. The hosts are very friendly and accommodating. There are nearby hotels and travel agencies for Ha Long bay tour packages. We managed to look for a money changer, and exchanged $50 to 1,060,223 VND.

pho ga

We’ve had our delicious “pho ga brunch which cost 25,000 VND ($1.17). Pho is their local street food that you can see anywhere along the sidewalks. It is made of rice noodle soup which you can choose between thick or thin noodles, fresh herbs and chicken (pho ga) or beef (pho bo). Other street foods available are some healthy detox juice like the lemon juice and the Nước mía (sugar cane juice).


Our first city tour destination is the Hoan Kiem Lake, located 15 mins away from our hotel. You will see the Turtle tower, Bridge of the Rising Sun, and the beautiful view over the lake. You’ll appreciate the beauty of this park at night time. Near Hoan Kiem Lake is the Ly Thai To statue (the Emperor of Vietnam) and the Water Puppets theater that cost 60,000 to 100,000 VND ($3 -$5).

Bridge of the Rising Sun


Aside from these landmarks, we saw a variety of shops from bags, souvenirs, and traveling kits, coffee shops, food chains and galleries. You can buy a souvenir bag for 80,000 VND ($3.77), a slipper for 100,000 VND ($4.71). There are some convenience stores around that are already considered as grocery stores. You can’t find big malls, but signature boutiques are everywhere. If you get thirsty, you can buy 1.5 liters of water for 20,000 VND (0.94 cents), and for the toiletries that i bought such as shampoo, conditioner and face wash the total cost is 150,000 VND ($7).

I saw how artistic and talented they are with their work of art through their paintings from acrylic to oil. The genres are from contemporary to nature scenes.




Streets of Ha noi are very busy during the night because of the night market from Hang Dao to Oong Xuan plus the bars and restaurants.

Tour agencies are available everywhere. They offer great prices and deals from Ha Long Bay to Nha Trang trip. Ha Long Bay trip ranges from $16 to $75 depending on the agency. A $20 1 day Ha Long Bay trip includes:

  • Transportation by A/C bus from Ha noi to Ha long, Ha long to Ha noi
  • 4-5 boat trip to Ha Long Bay
  • 45 mins of Kayaking
  • Sightseeing with entrance fees
  • Lunch and beverages

We booked our Ha Long Bay trip with those inclusions which happens in a few hours from now.


If you’re diagnosed with Herpes, it can definitely be detrimental to your everyday life, and can lead to depression, as can any other serious condition. It’ll leave you feeling helpless, too ashamed to come to terms with it and cause you to become disconnected from loved ones. It’ll also lead you to become cautious towards others, and stress you out when you’re worrying about the chance of infecting them.
Millions of people worldwide are suffering from Herpes, and as of now, there is no known cure for it. We don’t know too much about it, and therefore, there are tons of myths and speculation that people take as fact, however, specialists are continuing to provide the clinical approach by providing these facts. It’s important to remember that the condition is indeed preventable.

Here are some of the common myths about Herpes:

  • Herpes can be only be transmitted by having sex.

o   The answer is False. It is not really meant that you have sex with other people infected by the virus that’s why you have it. Any skin to skin contact such as oral sex (specifically with cold sores) can also be a factor.

  • Using condoms cannot prevent from getting herpes.

o   The answer is False. Condoms can help reduce the risk of infecting or transmitting herpes. Condoms come in various sizes and material. And can also prevent other sexually transmitted related diseases.

  • People infected by the disease can no longer have sex

o   The answer is False. People can still enjoy sex even if they are positive with herpes. There are methods to reduce the transmission and you shouldn’t engage in sexual activity if there is an irritation, blisters and itching.

  • Herpes can become cancer

o   The answer is False. Cervical cancer is a different type of virus which is caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus.

  • You can’t have a baby once you have herpes

o   The answer is False. You can still bear and give birth. But in this case, your obstetrician or your healthcare provider may give you additional instructions to monitor any sores in your genital area specifically in your cervix and vagina. Caesarian section is the recommended procedure in delivering your baby to prevent any transmission of viruses which they called Neonatal Herpes Simplex

Here are facts about Herpes:

  • It is a viral disease caused by Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (HSV-1, HSV-2)
  • The cure hasn’t yet been developed.
  • It is a common virus infection, which affects millions of people around the globe.
  • It is usually asymptomatic, but there are some physical evidence of sores and blisters

Though, there isn’t any permanent cure for Herpes. You can be able to cope with it physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’re not alone in this journey. People like you can continue their lives normally, staying in shape, and having a happy relationship. In other words. It is manageable.

Herpes is not life threatening. You will know how to live with herpes without any worries. Be open minded, have awareness, live healthy and spread the word.

Here are some tips and advice on how to manage and live normally with the disease.

  1. Get a regular check-up with your gynecologist or medical specialist.

Aside from the laboratory test and procedures that your doctors do, it is important that you will be educated about your condition which includes symptoms, causes and how are they transmitted. You can spread out and tell your friends about how it affects your body.

  1. Take Vitamins and Mineral Supplement

You are taking your medications to treat your health problems. Why not taking vitamins and mineral supplements to boost your immune system, and thus prevent other diseases.

  1. Eat balanced diet

You need to eat right and maintain a well-balanced diet. Eating variety of food in the right amount or proportions can help you achieve and maintain your weight. You need to avoid too much salt, fats and sugar. It is recommended to eat food that is high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, protein-rich food like beans, fish and meat and drinking lots of water which is 8 glasses a day to hydrate your body.

  1. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle

Eliminate smoking cigarette and drinking too much alcohol. Doctors proved that this substance can trigger herpes virus.

  1. Stress Management

Did you know that stress can trigger herpes virus? Stress in itself may increase the chances of triggering herpes. There are some ways to cope with stress by doing things that you love. It can be music, yoga, cooking, gardening and the most important of all is to keep your positive attitude.

  1. Practice Safe Sex

To reduce the spread of the virus, you or your partner can use condoms. Avoid oral sex if there are blisters or sores. You can seek help with a medical professional.

  1. Participate in forums or community in herpes awareness

You’re not alone in this case. There are people who are sharing their experiences and giving motivation to maintain a positive outlook in life. You can find online community programs and live in-focus discussion about the disease. It feels good to have encouragement from others who will be there to support you emotionally.


If your wedding is coming up and you are a first time bride, I hope this will help you look for your perfect dress. You want to make sure that everything will be romantic and memorable on your big day.

This is my first blog here in WordPress..




Finding a perfect dress is the most important part of every bride’s dream wedding because every girl wants to become a princess on her big day.

Wedding dresses became a symbol of wedding cultures all around the world from famous queens to modern women of the century. It symbolizes purity, modesty and perfection. But mainly, wearing this wedding dress mean embracing a commitment to your partner and the end of your single life. It is the beginning of your new journey in marriage.

First and foremost, you need to consider some things before you buy a wedding dress:

  1. Budget – It is the first thing that you need to take into consideration. You and your partner will need to decide for a price range for the wedding dress.
  2. Location – Your wedding gown should go to the location. If you decided to have your wedding in a hotel, you can…

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The world is such a huge paradise. But you will be amazed with one of a kind picturesque of Fiji islands which is 2000 km northeast of New Zealand and an island country Melanesia in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by some other islands like American Samoa, New Celedonia and Vanuatu. Fiji island may be small but it has beautiful different spots that you can enjoy. You’ll enjoy the finest beach resorts, and tropical weather on your holidays and vacations.

The Warwick Resort

This has been established since 1980 known for the finest hotels throughout the world.  You’ll enjoy its well-renowned Coral Coast and aquatic life, natural sceneries,  and their white sand beach. Some of their amenities are water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, wind surfing and diving. They also have basic recreations like archery, bicycle tours, billiards, village tours, etc. At the same time, you can relax in their garden and ocean view rooms or their Warwick deluxe and spacious suites.


Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Feel at home in this guest friendly paradise which is one of the most well-known tourist destinations is the South Pacific. They can give the best comfort when it comes to accommodation and experience the tranquility of the spacious rooms from garden view and ocean front to honeymoon point reef.


Namale Resort and Spa

You can enjoy this unique paradise which they considered as a boutique resort of the pacific because of its golf course. Perfect for honeymoon for couples, they can feel the atmosphere of romance and adventure as they explore the island.  Since they have a private golf course, golf lovers can play privately with full equipment in fair rates. Aside from golf, there are more amenities and activities included such as water skiing, water trampoline, horseback riding, waterfall tours and coconut show.


Takoriki  Island Resort

If you’re looking for a private island retreat, this is the perfect resort for you. It is a great moment to unwind and feel relax away from work and pampering yourself with their Senikai spa for their therapeutic massage. Their exquisite architecture of their resort makes you stay longer in their accommodation packages and seeing the sunset from your room and dine beside the pool.



Wananavu Beach Resort

If a true Fiji experience is what you are looking this is the place to go. Located 2 and a half hours from the international airport away from all the tourist spots. You can relax and enjoy the luxury accommodation catering to honeymooners to family’s. You can also enjoy the wide range of actives from tennis to spa treatments. What is unique to this resort is Great Diving on the Bligh Strait and the Narara Waterslide tour. The Wananavu Beach resort will give you the  true Fijian experience that you are looking for.


Crusoe’s retreat

Crusoe’s retreat is located on the famous Coral coast snuggled with lush tropical gardens and beautiful sandy beach. Crusoe’s is a very intimate resort that features only 28 Fijian Bures. Crusoe’s truly is all that wonderful about Fiji. Crusoe’s take pride in its world famous hospitality and its very relaxing atmosphere. Crusoe’s offer a lot of great activities for you to enjoy like, PADI scuba diving, sunset weddings, romantic honeymoons. 

crusoe sea view bure

Outrigger on the Lagoon

The Outrigger is a 5 star resort located in the heart of the coral coast. The resort is set on a white sandy beach among 40 acres of the beauty that Fiji has to offer. It has a beautiful lagoon style pool with 8 unique restaurants, bars and cafes. If you stay at the Outriggers you will have access to the spectacular Bebe Spa Sanctuary. This Spa is located on a mountainside overlooking the resort and ocean views that will breath taking.



Shangri La’s Fijian Resort & Spa

Shangri La’s are a gem located on the private beach Yanuca Island, it offers guests and families  a perfect South Pacific escape. Guests with families will be able to enjoy the children’s play area. The resort also has a wide range of dining and recreation options. The Chi spa is the largest and most luxurious private spa in Fiji. The Resort is surrounded by beautiful beaches and Palm tree’s and the turquoise lagoons the is truly a tropical heaven paradise.

shangri la

Lalatia Resort & spa

The mysterious Beqa island and lagoon is captured at Latatia Resort. This is a romantic all inclusive getaway. The Latatia Resort is a getaway for honeymooners, Fiji style beach weddings, or just a imitate dive vacation Latatia is where you want to go. Latatia is an affordable resort with friendly staff that is waiting to cater to your needs and shower you with their heart filled deluxe service.

Lalati Resort & Spa


Fiji Orchid Resort

Fiji Orchid is just 15 minutes north of the Nadi intentional airport. This resort provides a very discrete experience for those who want to feel the relaxation of Fiji. The Orchid is set in a beautiful and stunning tropical environment in the foothills of the volcanic nausori highlands and close to Saweni beach. In addition to the tropical experiment, it is highlighted by 5 acres of the most beautiful garden landscape and magnificent orchids.

fiji orchid

Nukubati Private Island

Nukubati is a private island resort, only catering to the limited amount of guest. It is an eco-chic resort perfect getaway for honeymoon, wedding or relaxing vacation. Nearby is Fiji’s best diving on the Great Sea Reef. This resort is the only resort that has access to Fiji’s underwater treasures. Once you step onto the white sandy beach you will feel the great Fiji adventure as to offer.



Coconut Grove Beachfront Resort

Coconut grove is a very small private resort only having 3 bures. It is directly located on the ocean with a very secluded white sandy beach. If privacy is what you want Coconut Grove is the place for you also surrounded by coconut and mango trees. The Coconut Grove offers diving and snorkeling, nature walks and a great staff for all your needs.

coconut grove

Taveuni Palms

Taveuni Palms provide their guests a private beach off of their villa’s, you can snorkel right off the private beach.  As a guest here you will be able to see turtles, sting rays, hundreds of different types of tropical fish. Taveuni provides luxury amenities along with award winning villa’s and fine dinning.



Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa

Koro Sun is the northern pint most unspoiled spot this location offer genuine warmth and friendliness of the people. It is surrounded by beautiful and lush landscaping, with the clear water. Spend your days exploring the reef with padi crew. You can also enjoy a 9 hole pitch and putt rainforest golf course. You can enjoy the rainforest spa after a long day of exploring and for the adventures you can explore the island caves tour botanical gardens or the beautiful waterfalls there is surely something for everyone here at the Koro Sun Resort.


Royal Davui Island Resort

This resort is all exclusive adults only resort. It is located in Fiji’s spectacular Beqa Lagoon. With only having 16 suites with their own private plunge pool they can offer luxuries that the larger resort can’t offer. Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, guest will enjoy the best of both worlds with the warmth and care of the staff as they will know you by name and the freedom of being secluded in your own tropical oasis.



You can now decide which of these perfect resort suits your needs. Whether your purpose is for vacation, family getaway, business or romantic scene, Fiji Island is the perfect spot for you.


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