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I feel sad that I lost some of the pictures from this trip. But I still have those memories that I will never forget. Hue, Vietnam is the best place and must see! Our trip didn’t end in Ha Long Bay. In fact, that is just the start of our adventure in Vietnam.


Inside Tu Duc Tomb Palace.

Before we made our trip to Hue City, we had our second city tour around Ha Noi. We visited a few historical places which is indeed fascinating. The weather is not perfect at that time, but at least it’s not as bad as the hot weather back in our country. And it’s obviously rainy season all throughout South East Asia.

We rented this transportation called “tuktuk” which is mostly rented by tourist especially Westerners. You can rent the “tuktuk ” for 100,000 VND ($4.72) for a 1 hour ride. We started our trip to the Vietnam Military Museum displaying old and wrecked armory, and model jet planes, and tanks. It was established July 17, 1958 and they still preserve it up to this day.

We went straight to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, that is only 6 minutes away from the Vietnam Military Museum. It’s considered the largest memorial place in Ha Noi. It is where the Chairman and Viet. Leader of the Communist party lies, and the place where the declaration of Independence was held. Just beside the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the Presidential palace. Unfortunately, taking photos of the palace is prohibited.

After visiting the historical places, we went to the largest market place in Ha Noi, Dong Xuan Market. I can compare to our Divisoria in the Philippines, which they sell wholesale and retail items from household goods, accessories, clothing and shoes.

We walked 30 minutes and went back to our hostel to prepare for our next trip to Hue. We met a few friends in the hostel while waiting for the bus sharing their travel experiences all over Asia, from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. It’s a wonderful experience that I want to experience. I’m with 2 amazing trekkers who are always on the go. This trip will not be possible without them.

We jumped into what we call “the party bus” (sleeping bus) around 6PM. You can read my party bus experience in my separate blog. It’s a 14 hour travel from Ha Noi to Hue City. You will still feel comfortable because you can lay down with a blanket and a small pillow provided. And the beautiful scenery of the places along the way are promising.

We arrived at the city 9 or 10 AM. We’re accommodated by hostel owners to our room which is much cheaper compared to our hostel in Ha Noi. You can rent it for $10 per night for 3 persons with super fast wifi connection, comfortable beds and a clean bathroom.

Few meters away from the hostel is this famous restaurant called The Mandarin Cafe owned by Mr. Cu, a professional photographer. The restaurant itself is designed with beautiful captured shots on the wall. They served delectable meals which are over the top with free one time tea served. It is recommended by Tripadvisor because of excellent reviews.

After the perfect lunch, we decided to have our city tour, riding our bikes. I don’t know to drive unfortunately, but thanks to my lady driver who is very caring. She will treat you like her own daughter, seriously..

Our itinerary is long because there are several tourist spots in Hue that are amazing. First, we visited the Forbidden Purple City or what they called “the Citadel” or “the Imperial City” is 520 hectares. It’s enclosed with 2 kilometer brick walls and surrounded by moat to protect the imperial city. Some of the infrastructures are still being preserved. But the front gate is currently under restoration which they planned to end in 2015.

We’ve been caught by the rain along our way to the Incense Making Village. You can see the actual incense making made of Sandalwood and Cinnamon. You can buy each bundle for 100,000 VND.

Few kilometers from the Incense Making Village is the Tu Duc Tomb, where Emperor Tu Duc’s tomb lies. Even though it’s raining, you will still see tourist exploring around from the temple to the Emperor’s tomb. In the palace itself, you can rent emperor and empress costumes to take pictures at their customized stage as souvenirs.  It’s a little creepy because it hasn’t been renovated, so you can still see how they preserve the place.


Gia Long Ancestral House

Another historical landmark is the Duc Duc Tomb which is considered as the smallest tombs and it hasn’t been restored. The Emperor Duc Duc’s tomb lies in this place who is under The Nguyen Dynasty.

Gia Long Tomb is remarkably well-preserved. Gia Long is the first Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. The ancestral house is majestic

Khai Dinh Tomb is my favorite because of the detailed infrastructure. You’ll see the touch of Vietnamese style carvings which is purely made of concrete. The palace at the topmost part is really impressive. There is a film showing about Khai Dinh’s life and how he ruled the city. You can see the tomb of Khai Dinh in the middle and some pictures of his family around the palace.


Khai Dinh’s Tomb

As we stepped into the Minh Mang Tomb, it was very peaceful, because only the three of us visited the place that time. The place is secluded and the trail is long. The tomb of Minh Mang it is far west, which surrounded by circular brick walls and remains locked. The caretaker told us that it is only open once a year for some reason.


The Pagoda

Our last stop is the Thien Mu Pagoda which is just beside the Pagoda river. This place is where people gather to worship the Buddha. The Monks live in here not only to preserve the place, but to sing prayers for Buddha and serves as missionaries.

The total time of exploring the place is 5 hours. It is really a privilege to see these places. For me they are the real wonders of the world.